even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-19 21:19:43 (UTC)

tv is old technology

we defy the tv

we watch you and look on as you tell us your life is so
good, when clearly is isnt... thast why we hurt... THAT IS
WHY WE HURT... because you hurt.. we hurt because you hurt
and fuck, im confused.. how can it be so good ifobviously
its not so good... what do we do? are we artists? do we go
to art school, even though you won;t pay for it? or do we
go to a 3rd rate state school and major in buiness, because
thast what we're supposed to do? there the question, folks,
what the hell are we supposed to do? you wonder why your
kids hate, you wonder why yours boys cry, you wonder where
the defiance comes from.. your lack thereof.. a cube can't
cry, dad... a rolex can't feel, mom... can you?