Dirty Fractyl
2001-11-19 20:54:40 (UTC)

I love art

I made some butterflies for Sarah last night with acryllics
(sp, a word I never could spell) and canvasette and cut
them out so they can be pinned up. She'll love them :)

I'm trying to solicit myself as much as possible and just
make lots of stuff for everyone. I figure since I have
some sort of gift like that, that I should put it to use
and bring joy to others. Like I said before somewhere, it
brings me no satisfaction to make a sketch or painting just
to add it to the pile I have on top of my bookshelf.

I have been extremely happy all day. Well, really, with
the exception of one ugly incident over the weekend, I have
been in great spirits. It was all my fault, though, the
incident, and I learned my lesson about mixing
anger/resentment with alcohol. It can make you an ugly
person. Regret. It's a feeling I don't want to become
accustomed to. Ruefulness. It's something I'd like to
avoid. You get the idea.

My R ankle really hurts. Jumping off the balcony? Can I
be any stupider?...

It should be all right for my softball game tonight. Eric
was fucking with me on AIM last night telling me not to
bunt. My "bunt" (it was really a check swing, IMO) was
awesome. I wish they were legal in softball. I'd bat

I found out that it's only $130 for a round trip flight
from Chicago to Orlando. That is definitely good
news! :) While I hate what terrorism has done to this
country, I can't say I am not pleased with the way it has
lowered airfares. Though that sounds selfish, it is at
least one good thing to come of this awful tragedy. It
won't last forever, though, of course.

Since I am too poor to get Shakira's new album right at the
moment, I downloaded most of it. It's awesome. I can't
wait till Christmas, since I'll likely just wait till then
and put it on my list. :)