2001-03-27 00:24:13 (UTC)

Today got better towards the..

Today got better towards the end.

Except for the fact I got told off in Music. I am not
usually bad in class, but it was last period and I was kind
of antsy. Our teacher is this really boring, pasty,
overweight, colorless, neutral guy that will never get
married. He's lucky if anyone even remembers him. I also am
embarrassed for him, because he makes these pathetic cracks
in class. You can tell he plans them days ahead of time, and
has told them to every class before us. And what hurts most
of all is that nobody laughs. Oh, well. Poor guy.
So, anyway, he was going on and on, sermonizing us for not
liking any music with "values" (i.e. not national himns). I
was kind of pissed, so I started to sing this Deftones song,
"Back to School". I love the Deftones. So anyway, this guy
in front of me cracked up. The teacher, who didn't like me
much to begin with, got furious and ordered me to change my
seat. It was sort of funny, though.