Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-11-19 20:22:51 (UTC)

Wow! Life truly does go on....

Yah! That's right, Life Goes On.... Hey! Did you think
that it would stop just cuz you were stuck at home with
nothing to do? I mean, like, hey, I'm not working until
next week. Shiite, I think that I may call up some friends
that I haven't spoken to in months. You know how it is,
you're busy working, busy doing what your wife wants you to
do, planning shit on what to do about this "no work no
money situation...("...and that's how it's
been for the past couple of years. But now, now, you aint
workin', and yer wife aint got nuttin' for yer to do, and
so yer hi and dry... What do ya do NOW??? Go for broke?
Jump in the car and speed around in traffic? Get back in
the military? Apply for grad school? I dunno, WHAT??? I
was reminded of Plato's Philospher/King for some reason,
but whatever for? I think that we all need to cherish our
reptillian centers (and forego our frontal lobes)--it adds
a much needed dimension to our thoughts and makes it seem
that everything we do is pivotal to the lives of millions.
How does it feel to be that responsible? EXHILARATING!!!
So pop in that favorite tape of angry music, and crank it
up! Cuz today may not be your last, but there are several
lives that you could phuck up in the meantime! (Oh, by the
way, since I've read so many books by British authors, I'm
always tempted to use their spelling, as in 'favourite',
and 'colour', lol...)