hey it's in my head wasting space!
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2001-11-19 20:07:01 (UTC)

BS (=

What a longgg day. Scary part is its not over yet!! I have
an interview at an insurance agency in a half hour. Fun
Why must people lie so much. lol. Got invited friday to a
movie by my very good friend Sammy and she said she was
bringing a date..guy shes liked for a while. I didn't mind
meeting him. First impression was alright. He seemed polite
and everything. He tries too hard I believe. He figured out
that if i like the guy and approve of him for my friend
that she will be more comfortable too so basically he was
kissing my ass all night and I didn't say too much really.
Watched the movie and just kept quiet so they could speak
and everything....and today I find out he said that
I "bothered him on the date". Oh brother. He tried to
bullshit his way out of it by saying he was just agreeing
with his cousin that I was annoying (my friend tony is his
cousin) Who knows. Im far from annoying in my opinion. I've
met some pretty obnoxious people in my time and I do not
equal to what they were. If this guy finds me annoying he
should check himself first. Crazy talk...lol. What an
annoying day. Atleast I got another day to study for my
FrenchII exam. Need to pass that damn class atleast. Stupid
requirement for college. I speak Greek as my first
language. Isn't that enough of an accomplishment? lol.
It's funny that anything I say means nothing to everyone.
I've noticed that lately. Try and speak to someone and they
either daze off.. cut me off, just dont listen. How
frustrating. No wonder I miss having a siginificant other.
Even if the guy just wanted sex or something....atleast
he'd listen to me.. Not that I'd give that or anything lol.
But men are stupid and if thats whats on their minds
atleast they listen. My rules
#1) Do not listen to men
#2)If all else fails refer to rule #1

lol....I guess its not too original, but it works for me.
It's so sad how nothing works out for me. Even things that
work out for me end up going bad in the end! I'm surprised
I'm not depressed. lol. Pathetic. I suppose keeping a diary
is a bit stupid...but atleast I dont have to write all this
stuff out lol. Well gonna go to that interview. Till
later..ta ta