My Journey to Motherhood and Life
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2001-11-19 19:26:50 (UTC)

pregnancy has been hell!

Wow! I haven't written in about 3 weeks.I have been so
sick with hyperemesis. I have been throwing up 4 times a day
for so many weeks. My doctor tried me on several medications
that did nothing and finally I couldn't eat or drink, so I
spent Thursday in the hospital getting IV fluids and anti
nausea meds in the IV. I was also low on potassium, so I got
some of that too.I was dehydrated and starting to starve my
I felt like a failure having to go to the hospital, but
now I realize that I did all I could do. I felt a lot
better and realized that I should have gone weeks ago.
They sent me home Thursday evening. Friday I felt
pretty good, but started getting sick again Saturday and by
Sunday was getting worse again, threw up a couple times, not
able to eat much and crying.
My husband spent the weekend deer hunting with my dad. He
needed a break from taking care of me. My mom came and
stayed with me. That was nice.
So yesterday I got a prescription for zofran to see if
it will help. It is extremely expensive,but has a reputation
for being a wonder drug for some people. I have to say it
has helped. I've had a couple of doses.
This has been very difficult for me, both mentally and
physically. I have cried hysterically countless times. This
week starts my second trimester, which relieves the symptoms
for many women. I hope it does wonders for me. I appreciated
the nice comments from those who write. I really need
support right now. Send the healthy vibes my way!