My rather boring life
2001-11-19 19:26:45 (UTC)


No biology test today. That's *next* Monday.

I studied this morning. I woke up just to study. Actually, I
got up to wash the funk off of me and study. 3 hours of
sleep. That's got to be some kind of record for me ^_^

One of the chapters we are covering is about human
reproduction. I nearly fainted when I read it. I have no
problem with the reproduction aspect of it all. I think
human reproduction is one of the best topics. But when you
open up a text book and read about orgasms, that's just not
right ^_^ I'm not fond of leaning about the non-procreative
aspect of sex ^_^;; I wonder what good is an orgasm? Sure it
feels nice, but does it have any significance to human

I thought of something kinda amusing as I was studying.
Girls do kinda have penises. Not really penises in the sense
of a sex organ, but we do have soemthing that resembles it.
The clitoris has a glans and a prepupice, it's just that the
"shaft" doesn't poke out as much as a penis. Like the penis,
it's very sensitive to touch (thank you Captain Obvious :Þ)
So I guess girls aren't so much differnet than boys, give or
take some ovaries, a vagina, and a pectoral area that can
lactate ^_^

Today's biology lesson was brought to you in part by the
letter H and the number 4 ^_^