2001-11-19 18:59:47 (UTC)

He He He. . . . . . I get to do damage to this one!!!!!!!

There are many things in life that we all may find funny.
There's so much more, and most of it cannot be
expressed in a mere word or two. It simply cannot be done.
Through all the heartache and strife we endure, none
of that is as impressive as that of when we first found the
love of our life. Some deny their lust, and some act as if
that very lust were the only thing that has kept them
striving for life. They drag it out, making it the only
fruit that would nourish their bodies to keep them alive
for just a few more days. Some are true to this lust, and
it becomes the only thing they open their eyes to and take
the first daily breath. Some, I well know, are too afraid
of this lust to acknowledge it. Some. . . is me.
I have constantly criticized you for your love. I know
that's a blunt way of saying so, but it all comes down to
that simple point. If I were to truly criticize you for any
other reason, it would do no good and my words are already
wasted. But, for your love. . . You, as far as I can tell,
are a completely trustworthy of all that you meet. One
could not see so well with the fact that you wont even give
your FRIEND a piece of that special paper. But more so with
the big things. One being love.
Love is the most wonderful, spiteful word I have
known. It can cause the life and the death of you. I just
hope and pray that you will not become too dependant upon
that love to cause the end of you. My words are bitter, I
know this well, but bitter words are better than leading
someone with those words that might kill you with your own
ignorance. Do not read into this any farther than I have
written, but do not take it lightly.
I am fully aware that I have no authority over any
person whatsoever and you can erase this any time you wish.
Just read between the lines and try to decipher the reason
for my words.
Do not, however, give your love as freely as you do
for the rest of your life. It is a great aspect of ones
personality, but it can also take all the love you have to
offer and throw it out of sight and out of mind. Be
careful. There are way too many people out there that have
cold hearts and all the love in the world would not warm
them in the least little bit.
And that's not all, but that's all.
aka. Beth Garrett