little mind farts...
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2001-11-19 17:07:26 (UTC)

hi there...

dude, i am never drinking again!!!!! i had the worst
hangover in the world sunday morning. ha ha (give me a
week, hee-hee)
i need to meet more people. i swear man. this world is
so fuckin big and i want to experence almost everything in
i have met a few people recently. i have met people
through my super good friend david and i met people through
my sister in college. this one guy inparticular is named
nick. aside from being extremely attractive, he is very
smart. i have only had one long conversation with him, but
it was enough to have an impact on me. he is extremely
cool. i have his number and i will call him when i get some
balls. ha ha seriously, i am afraid that i don't have much
to say to him that he will think is intersting. here we go
again, i'm letting my insecurity get the best of me. fuck
it, i'm going to call him.
okay, i don't have anything else to say so i am going to

-michelle :0)
p.s. remember that beautiful someone whom i wrote about
earlier? well, nothing has changed the fact that he is
beautiful, but i will just be his friend. i will get over
these feelings and just be what we started out as...really
good friends. if it's meant to be it's meant to be right?
if not a friendship is just as good.

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