Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-11-19 17:04:39 (UTC)

Weekend of Pizza

Soooo…This weekend I went to JJ’s with Hayley and Heather.
Heather was being a bitch. She got really weird at the end
and started saying our waitress was slutty and trying to
pass her (Heather’s) car off as her (waitress) own. Hayley
was eyeing a boy at the table next to us. Heather said the
guy looked like AJ but he didn’t. He was really cute!
After talking to the waitress my kids found out that the
guys were firemen and the one Hayley liked was actually her
age. That’s a switch considering she likes guys twice as
old as me! We also found out the guys hang out there on
Monday nights after their meetings so we will proly be
around more often. lol
After Heather left we were tired but still having a good
time, if not better. I showed Hayley how to play 301 and we
talked some more about nothing.

At the barn earlier on Saturday Charlie made a new rule
where we couldn’t work or groom our horses between 5 and 6
pm because it interferes with his feeding or something.
He’s such an ass. We aren’t in his way and we don’t put the
horses away hot. I asked him if he wanted to pay my board
and he was like ‘That’s number 2 Jamie, again and we will
have to have a talk!’ Whatever the fuck that means.
He’s still pissed at me for telling Vicky that Missy was
given to him for free and he doesn’t pay board on his
horses so whatever he was charging her for purchase was
proly 5 times what he put into her.
He also doesn’t like the fact that I don’t want to be his
fuck toy. I just don’t see why he can’t teach Chris how to
be a good girl. They are supposedly best friends or

We also went to Farm and Fleet. Heather bought clippers and
bitched about her lack of money. HELLO, I am a single mom
w/o child support and Hayley’s dad lost his job due to
downsizing after 9/11. Heather is still living at home and
babied to death. Drives a Mustang, has a horse, mom
embroiders the damn horses winter blanket, she goes to
clinics w/her horse for training...etc.

Sunday I waited all day to get into the arena and never
made it. I ended up turning my horse out and body clipping
Jack. He stood really well until we did his left ear. He
has a lot of fungus in his ears so it’s a little painful to

Comet was a little bitchy with Jack standing in front of
his stall right after feeding time. He got over it though.

I’m tired and grateful this weekend is going to be long.
I’m not looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas. All
my family does is fight, bitch and get drunk. I hate seeing
my grandmother think she is coming back to her home also.
My mother’s dogs have pissed all over the carpet and things
are so fucking cluttered there. I just want to throw
everything away.

The reason I named this entry Weekend of Pizza is because
I've eaten Pizza about 3-4 times this weekend. There was
once a time when I wouldn't mind that at all but in my ripe
old age of 26, I think it's wearing on me.

‘She’ has been MIA for weeks until today. I think I
mentioned that in the last entry. Well, she wrote me a note
saying that she was sorry she didn’t write back BUT she was
in an accident and was out for a week.
When I was in an accident She was the first one I called. I
guess she has better people to take care of her that me. I
hope she’s okay but I’m not replying or sending any new
info to her for a while. It pisses me off more than she can
imagine. No details, no call, nothing! What a fucking bitch.