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2001-11-19 16:52:39 (UTC)

Too cute

How much do I love my little cousin J? Oh Lord. She spent
Saturday night at my parents house and I got an earful about
not being there. Apparently, according to her, she was
going to have a sleepover with me. But Mom told her I
wouldn't be there and she got all mad and stuff. So then I
called her on the phone and she says "Come home NOW!" and we
tried to explain to her that I couldn't but she wouldn't
accept that. So then Mom told her she could sleep in my room
and she said no because I was going to come home to see her
so I needed my room. How cute is she? So then Mom tried to
put her to bed and she ran into the living room and curled
up on the dog's bed and said "I'm not going to bed. I don't
like bed. I'm not going to bed until she gets home." Oh that
made me laugh. I felt bad that I wasn't at home but still...
so cute. That and when I had her on the phone I had her
yelling "JC is the best!!" Of course he is! Good girl.
Ok now I need to vent about group work. It's been a while
since I bitched and moaned about it so you knew it had to be
coming. K. so we do our Progam Planning stuff and one of our
group members is constantly AWOL. Oh and we get our mark
back and it's like 72%. Ok, I so don't want to sound stuck
up or anything but when, for the past two years, I haven't
basically gotten anything lower than an 85%, it kinda hurt a
little bit. That and the fact that on the individual part of
it I did really well so I was a little bitter that my mark
would come down from the group side of things. So I guess
I'll work my ass off in the next portion so that I do better
next time. I'm such a bitch. Grrr. Anal about marks much?
Oh yeah and I am such a stalker because I am sitting
here waiting for my baby to come online. For the past two
Mondays he's been on around this time and everytime I talk
to him it's around lunch so I'm kinda just dilly-dallying,
hoping that maybe... ok so sue me for thinking that he would
sooooo put me in a better mood if he came on.
Anyways I should get back to working on my paper (and
stalking- hee hee, my baby). Later dudes.

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