2001-11-19 16:12:17 (UTC)


These are some things that I want to say but can't. This
is what I have been thinking over and over. It really set
in yesterday. I can write them like you as well. Every
since you said think about somethings like "Am I the one
you want to spend the rest of your life with?" It just
rested on my mind yesterday and today. Yes I do want to
say some things but then I don't want to hurt anyones
feelings but i don't want to be alone. I don't want to
leave. Am I just in a bad day. She cares about me. I care
about her but not like I did. She is not the same person I
thought she was. I just got to know who she is. I am not
saying that you acted different at first because I am not.
I mistakened you for being different. You and me are not
congruent. We compromise on too much and that isn't
right. We have alot in common on how we were raised but I
don't think that that alone is a building block for a
relationship. Yesterday and today I have been realizing
some things. Kim I care for you unlike anyother. I like
the way I felt for you but I no longer feel that way about
you like I did. You are not the one. I like spending time
with you and doing what we do together. I can't believe I
am saying these things. I lied about dropping those
classes. I guess I lied about me never saying these
words. I don't want to break-up because I don't want to be
alone. Believe me it is a wake-up to me too. You asked me
to tell you so here it is. If you want to take a diffrent
path it is up to you because I still care about you but you
are not the one i will spend the rest of my life with. Our
plans in life are diffrent I want to stay here. you don't.
How many kids you want. I can't see my-self sleeping with
Kim. I don't want animals in the house. You get mad and
stay mad. You stay quiet and let it ruin yours and my
day. Im sure you can name a hundred about me and I am not
pointing the finger we are not at fault for this. We are
just not congruent for each other. Well I got to go to
class right now send me an e-mail and write me back call me
tonight and we will talk it over the phone. I still miss