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2001-11-19 11:49:50 (UTC)

Baywatch Hawaii

Watched Baywatch Hawaii on Sunday evening, there was
this lifeguard (Jase) who was so damn cute. His body was so
sexy, the muscles so sensuous. I really wonder how it's
like to have a body like that against mine. He must be very
well-endowed down there. Oh My God, what am I thinking? I
think he reminds me so much of Stanley, partly because of
the beach part. I bet Stanley must be having the time of
his life now as the monsoon season is here and the waves
must be really amazing...Maybe I should learn surfing when
I get to Australia.

There was nothing on tv last night so I went online,
hoping that Keane will be online. I know that he has a gf
but I just can't help but think about him. I think for me,
a guy with a gf is more attractive. The thought of not
being able to get him just turns me on. I wonder if there's
something wrong with me!

Keane is a guy I used to have a crush on when I was
16. I used to talk to him about almost everything and he is
a nice guy. I don't know what happened between us but when
I was 19, we just stopped keeping in touch. Then the other
day my bro told me that Keane was asking about me so I
looked him up on ICQ. So here we are, chatting.

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