Tough Times
2001-03-26 23:24:28 (UTC)

Tired... I feel so weak. I..


I feel so weak.
I thought thru our trials and tribulations we are
supposed to get stronger.
Where is my strength?
By this time I should be 10 times Hercules.
Through my years I've had nothing but pain and sorrow.
Sure, much of it brought upon myself.
But shouldn't there be a place and time where things
just might change.
If you ask you will receive, they say.
I don't remember asking for all this.
How do you get over the hump when it's not there?
How do the blind lead the blind when you are by yourself?
Who will mend my broken heart?
We all know it is not a race, but it's a destiny I do not
feel I can finish.
I am tired and fatigued.
I shall go to sleep now.