The End
2001-11-19 08:02:17 (UTC)

too funny

Oh yes life is funny. And the joke is on us. Just when you
think things couldn't get worse they do! but then you are
thrown a curve ball that gives you the idea that maybe
things aren't that bad. Then you get whacked again.

Thats pretty funny. Pretty hilarious in fact. I suppose
though that if one has to go....dying from laughter at the
insanity of it all....would be desireable. Although if I
gotta go I would prefer to die laughing while having sex. Oh
yeah I forgot....I tried that. hahahahhaaaahha. Think I
should have figured that one out...."Twinkie"? hahahahaha Oh
well live and learn.

Oh well I guess trials and tribulations and deep wells are
what its all about. Question to ask myself i guess
is....will i laugh about it tomorrow?

Probably not. Kinda hard to find the humor in being molested
at 4. Kinda hard to find the humor while getting your
ass kicked cuz ya missed a piece of lint on the floor
you just watched fall from your ass kickers clothes. Kinda
hard to find the humor in a soul mate gone insane. Although
I do find the humor in actually being declared dead only to
be revived to continue this hell, I mean hilarious trip
called life.

Hahahaha the real joke is being made to relive it all over
and over again. Thats where the fun is.

am i dead yet?

damn it didn't work.