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2001-11-19 06:27:09 (UTC)

Sundays always blow

well today is sunday and yes it did blow like alot of them
do....nothign at all happened today except i was borred out
of my mind. i really dont' understand people sometimes,
honestly i jsut don't. i mean you have:
1. good people, jsut naturally nice people
2. people that you wish would jsut leave you alone
3. people you absolulity care alot about but could care
less if you are dead or alive
4. the bitchy people who thinkthey are better than you
5. the pity people who want you to feel sorry for them when
they dont' know what pain is
6. people that are jsut so fuckin stupid your ashamed to
say your in the same species as they are
7. and the pretenders who pretend to care adn act liek
something they aren't
i tell you the more people the meet teh more mad i get, i
mean you know you live in a sad world when you sit around
adn type things liek this in an online journal