inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-11-19 06:16:52 (UTC)

*DDP smile*

hrmm... so Ryan says he thinks he's being toyed w/ by his
gf. it's evil, but there's a bit of me that's dancing
around with wicked glee =P not b/c i'm looking fer an
opportunity or n e thing, but the way he's been treating
me/acting lately... he deserves it! =P so there!

i'm in a much better mood now that i've realized the world
doesn't circle around one person. nobody out there is god
and therefore i don't have to worship them. we're all
equal, so it's fair enuff fer me to just go on with my life
and keep living, instead of having everything stop just b/c
of one bad experience. so HAH!!


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