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2001-11-19 06:15:59 (UTC)


i officially give up on the boy.

I called him on monday night, and we spoke for a few minutes...decent
conversation...told me to come visit him again...told me that he was
playing a show and that he wanted me to go...told me that he had
wanted to talk to me earlier, but he didnt think that i was home.
Before we got off the phone, he assured me that he was going to call
me on tuesday...i havent heard from him at all. I called him on
Friday night (out of sheer drunkeness) and left a message...still
hasnt called me back. He always calls me back. i dont know what the
fuck is going on here, but i am so tired of playing games. I know he
has work and practice everynight, and that is most likely why he
hasnt called me back, but it's so frustrating. i cant deal anymore.
maybe it's another girl?

i still have the gifts that i got for him in europe in my bag...what
do i do with them?

i just want the boy...i woke up this morning thinking about him. he
is really going to start annoying me soon. I think, as of right now,
even if he did call me back, i dont think i would answer the phone. I
cant deal with it anymore.

this has been going on since june...maybe that's 5 months to many.

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