Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-11-19 05:52:10 (UTC)

Meh and other such things

I feel alone, I feel used. It was fun for a while but now
it's just gone too far. Sure I'll forget and it will
continue to happen. But right now I really don't want it
to. I thik I'm starting to understand what someone said.

I hate this, I can't even write in here anymore.
Everything is so veigue now. At one stage I could write
anything at all. But I have to be secretive again. It
feels like if i say somehing that I really think I'll fuck
things one somewhere. I don't wanna fuck things up
anymore. So I'll just sit here and be superficial like a
good little Maci. I need to stop sounding like so much or
a bitch so often anyway. No one cared anyway, a lack of
explaneation doesn't bother anyone other then myself.

I'm supposed to hear back from Mounty sometime this week
about changing skools. I really hope I get in but it's me
and my bad luck so I won't. I don't think my parents went
about it the right way. They didn't write an appeal or
anything, they just filled in a subjects form and left it
at that. Well I'm still hoping I get in so yeah that.

Another dance concert tonite. At least this time I have all my
dances. I'm really tired though and I have a genral maths exam which
i'm ganna be even more tired for. LALADIDA.

I really should do some homework other then studying for my exam. I
think I have an english essay due like last Fri. Will do it soon I