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2001-11-19 05:42:53 (UTC)


I havent written for a long time which means that I have a
lot of pent up emotions that need to be released.
I have a new person in my life and I love him to pieces, we
have been dating for 7wks now. I hate saying goodbye to him
at night. I can sit here and cry cos i'm not with him.
I really havent got much to say but all I know is that I am
really depressed but happy, its really hard to explain, i
love him but because i'm not with him right now im really
depressed and just want to be with him, I can listen to
every single sad song and want to cry, for him for my own
release. its really hard.

I want to kill myself but I want to be with him, I just
want to be living with him so that I can go to sleep with
him, I dont mean sex I just want to lie next to him cos I
know that I would sleep for ever if he was there to keep me
safe. I just want him to give me a hug and tell me
everything is going to be ok, I want to hear it everday,
everynight I dont care I just want to hear it.

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