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2001-11-19 05:32:25 (UTC)


Well I finally figured out how to put the link on my IM
name so I thought I should write again. I had a fairly
good weekend all in all. Friday night was Fly By Night and
damn is Fade 2 Shade hot. You can check them out at, HOTTIES!!!! Saturday Ashley, Rachel
and I headed to Western for a fun filled night of going to
parties that got busted up. However, it was fun none the
less:) I got to eat good food today, It was so nice. Janet
and I went over to Julie's for a pre-thanksgiving dinner,
lasanga, garlic bread, etc: Afterwards I came back here to
work on my ever messed up life, but on the plus side this
times I do think I made some progress in my ever fucked up
life. Then Janet and I went on a double date, which was
super fun! I want to do it again:) Maybe sometime today I
will get to my ever pressing Music project.

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