My rather boring life
2001-11-19 05:30:25 (UTC)

Can't think of a decent title

There's really no point to this. I just felt like writing
something. There's only one person on tonight. Exciting, no?
It's just Nathan. I could say a lot about him right now,
but I'll spare you the boredom, and I'll spare myself the
embarassment :)

On my to do list tomorrow:
Clean up my room some
Study for my Biology test
Biology test at 1:00
Math class at 2:00
Return tapes to video store
Possibly eat
Anime Club party at 5:00

Yes, that's right. I'm actually going to a party. My first
non-birthday related party. I'm kinda scared. I dunno how
it'll turn out. Most likely, I'll just sit there and do
nothing. And most likely, I'll get picked on for sitting
there and doing nothing. Why do I keep going to anime club
if they keep picking on me? Well, it's not really mean
picking they do. And maybe I like the abuse... Nah. I may
be strange, but I'm nt a freak! ^_^