2001-11-19 05:17:38 (UTC)


well there is 9mins left of today. Its seem like a very
long, nonproductive day. Even though I met up with friends
and we discussed our project for Thursday and we set out an
outline that we can follow. I also went to work today and
then came home and got some more work done on my production
assignment. I am alittle better off with it then what I was
last week but tommorrow will be the day that settles it. Do
I go ahead or rethink the entire concept. I am not looking
forward to this week there is so much to do and so much
hanging by a thread if its not done right. My mom arrived
safe to canada, very happy to hear that shes here, I think
she might be coming to see me here on the other side of the
country, I hope so, I really miss her(mostly her hugs). My
sister never really appriecates her, did she have to go to
Ikea after they picked mom up from the airport, furniture
shopping could of not waited!
I still can not believe that Andy is in town and continues
to lie about it to my sister, I guess he knows that she
will not reveal his faults and so they both keep this silly
relationship going. Everyday I am thankful that I made
closure with that situation.
I can not wait for pictures of my trip to artrive, I can
finally show my good friends here my family back home.
I still do not understand how my willpower for myself has
gone to shit. I do not know why I keep grasping for the
same comfort, it will only ruin me. I swear those people
upstairs are complusive cleaners and have the need to move
furniture around all day or maybe they are into some werid
sexual activite that involves moving large heavy object,
anyhow I find it very strange. J thinks I am crazy but
seriously they are "complusive something or other", because
I hear it too frequently.
Oh my tummy hurts,(10 more days till the procedures, yikes)
I feel like vomiting, food is not agreeing with me lately,
well maybe its a good thing I am getting alittle blimpish.
Oh no I forgot to call W to tell her about tomorrow..I
better go do that now.