Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-11-19 04:49:45 (UTC)

Don't fall on your Biggerstaff!!!!!!!

Current Mood: dreading school in the morning, and on the
verge of what I know will soon be very, very hyper.
Current Music:Beer Goggles by Smash Mouth

So I saw Harry Potter twice this weekend.
It's so bloody amazing... my god. Fucking cinematic

The first time (Friday Night) was with my friends from
school. All good fun, and nothing really happened. Pretty
much uncommentable.

The second time was with Vicky, Red and Erin- good fun,
also. And then we had a sleepover afterwards and it was
full of gushing over Sean Biggerstaff (biggerstaff...
bigger. staff. Bigger... STAFF.
..), then a whole lot of bitter synchro talk- you know, the
usual. We seem to repeat ourselves a lot.

Did anything else happen today? No. Of course not. Nothing
*ever* happens. But that sounded depressing- I'm quite
happily reveling in my nothingness. Because drama queens
make me laugh.