interesting me
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2001-11-19 04:48:01 (UTC)

fights, my guy, and other things..............

Omfg I so love my guy, and he spent the night in the
hospital lastnight. Im so worried about him but the
doctors are testing him for I dont know what. But hes had
these bad headaches for over 2 weeks. I hope they find out
whats wrong tomorrow, and I hope it isnt serious. And I
have such a headache right now.

I have been busy and worried about him so I havent really
had much time to write in here.

I go back to my old boss tomorrow to see if she will hire
me back for a little while. They need me and I already
know what I am doing so Im sure its a done deal. I quit
because I was supposed to move with my ex and I didnt, so
the story goes on and I dont wanna talk about it.

The fight with my sister ended the next morning....We had a
scream out and I dont think either one of us won the fight,
but I felt so much better. The thing that pisses me off is
everytime we fight, she brings shit into it that doesnt
matter, things that we arent or werent even fighting
about. Like she says "oh and youre such a perfect child,
you do this and this and this and I dont, and you graduated
and went to college and held a job all last year." Yeah I
did all that, but the stuff that I have I worked my ass off
for. None of it was handed to me. Unlike her Im not
handed or given horses all the time, she gave me the one I
have now because we get along and her and cherokee didnt
really. So thats the only reason I have him, and she
throws him in my face everytime that we fight, which makes
me even more pissed off. She knows how to press my
buttons and she does it.

But I have to talk to my love right now, so I am gonna go.

I love you so much Andrew..........


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