even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-19 04:47:15 (UTC)

paul and his army boys

oh boy, so we';re goign out to get friend chicken, mike,
james, josh and i, and as we are about to get into the car,
a camaro and a lumina pull up, and its vbeck and paul and
these other dudes, paul and the other dude were in
fatigues, with like, mach 3'd heads... and its like, yay!
and we all hug and talk for a little bit, and they are
like, totally decked out in army shit, and its like, ahhh,
wow... so i give htem the key, and we go out to get
chicken... and fucking, the chicken at heb is so cheap.. so
we went and got our chicken, and we decided not to tell
everyone we were home, so they wouldn't come and gank our
chicken, so we eat our chicken,a nd josh and mike finish
and go upstairs so me and james sit and talk and finish for
a little so we go upstairs and like, there are these three
army dudes upstairs and kevin vbeck... and as i go up the
satauirs, i see mud, and im like, yo, army dudes... on of
you trakced mud up the stairs, so the big one gets up and
is like, i think it was me, should i clean it up? and im
like, please, so hes like, rah, ok.. and h e diasapers for
a while, and he comes back like, 10 minutesater and hes
broken a sweat and hes liek, would you liek to inspect it
ma'am? and im like,. well.. is there mud on the stairs any
more? and hes like, no, and im like, na, im cool... and hes
like.. rahhh.. and so we sit and shoot the shit with paul
for a while, and its fun.. its just good old fashioned
chillaxing.. this whole weekend was.. so.. we go.. we go to
wallmart... we go to wallmart to gte.. fucking, god knwos
waht... walkie talkies... and i want to get a oplain balck
beanie, but we cound't find any, so we go to teh hunting
section, and i get a camo orange beanie, for 96 cents..
and the guy checking us out, me and teggi, one of teh army
guys, is like, yea i was in the army for 4 years (cause teh
army guys were in fatigues still) and as he was telling us
this, i look down, and hes got this satanist belt buckle...
and i grab teggi by the shirt, and im like.. look at his
belt buckle... and i laugh, and teggi laughs, only, we
gotta be slick abotu it.. so then we go and play capture
the flag, so, we;re standing outsid mikes house for like,
and hour, and we;r just talking... and it was fun.. and we
start talking ot tennyson.. who, early had been calling us
ma'am and shit, and one time, at pauls, we were standing
inm teh kitchen and he walks out of teh kitchen past me,
and he fucking, he growls.. liek this low, gutteral growl,
and as he walks out, i grabs jasons shirt and im like,
dude, army guy just GROWLED at me.. and hes liek, waht?!
but, really, tennyson is from thsi small town in missouri
thats is full of nazis and racists, he was like, yea hte
last balck person thatw as there, 32 years ago, got burned
on a cross, and we're like, bull shit.. and hes like,
nope... its true, and it wasn;t until he went to military
school that he saw a blakc person.. and its like, does that
really happen? and his name is liek, harley scooter.. or
some shit, and hes got a brother names hammer, and junior
and a sister names jet.. its so fucked up... and i tdont;
knwo much about teggi, but i like him.. hes read catch 22...