2001-11-19 04:29:16 (UTC)


I can't go to sleep... So much to think about, imagine, and
to dream. Thanksgiving is in afew days, which means
Christmas is only a month away. Still no snow though. I
hate all of the slush is makes, and how it will crap up my
car, but I love the snow so much. And I love the winter,
and I love all the magic of Christmas time. I feel like a
little girl all over again... All of the lights & songs.
Being all bundled up, and catching snowflakes on my tongue.
Hot cocoa, sledding, christmas specials and movies, family,
friends. Scarves, hats, sweaters, boots. Rosy cheeks and
noses. The church being all decorated. And everybody being
in the spirit of Christmas. :)

ANYWAYS~ besides my retarded moment right there... not alot
is going on. Parents seem to not be talking, versus
yelling. Jennifer gets confirmed and i get to sponsor her.
Thanksgiving is @ my aunts house this year. We've always
had it over here, but we decided to have it over there for
a change. I am soooo excited! I spent the night @ caits
last night and we had sooo much fun. We made cakes and
rented Shrek. hehe- I ate sooo much, its not even funny
(although i was laughing pretty hard). BUT~ our pizza got
delivered 2 HOURS late! Yah- it sucked pretty bad. But
then, we got our pizzas free! and we ordered 2 smalls, and
he gave us 2 larges. lol- soooo cool. Anyways, it was
great. My mom is scheduling a trip up to Chicago for before
Christmas, which should be cool. I LOVE chicago! And we are
going to a Christmas thing @ Trinity! I am so excited! I
love that church. Yah... pretty much all I know so far
about Christmassy things. Hmmmm... well, the Grinch comes
out Tuesday and I am excited as hell- i live for that movie!
Everything is going GREAT with kev(i think at least):)
Today I went to his CIYS concert and it was sooo good! I
love going to those type of things. I just love music, but
knowing that he was up there playing it, and that music is
what means more than anything to him, made me even happier
to be there watching him. Matt was there and him and Emily
aren't going out yet. I feel bad for him though, because
Carrie said he could have almost any girl he wanted, and he
is chosing Emily. People say she is a ho, but she seems
cool to me. Anyways, i guess people dont want Matt with
her! I wanted to go to the hockey game tonight, but I had
just gotten home from church, when Cait and Mere came over
to get me. OMG church! I wanted to go to church so bad this
week for some reason. I mean, i am really getting into
church and faith and stuff, and I love it. So i drove
myself all the way downtown, by myself, for the 1st time,
in the dark! It was kinda scary, but this kid who parked
next to me said he would protect me -lol-- I was in church,
and it was weird. I closed my eyes during the prayers, and
held my mini cross in my hand, and i realized why this all
is so important. Faith can do so much, and to have God with
you, is the greatest thing ever.... I am very proud to announce that,
even though i started off this quarter pretty sucky, I am actually
doing so freaking well in school! I am so proud. Parentals: be proud
of me! I have worked my ass off lately! Well, I'm getting
pretty tired, so i think i'm going to drift off to sleep &
think about everything that IS/ will be going on. And of
course, dream about my babe, kev :)