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2001-11-19 04:25:14 (UTC)


lifes not fair you know? well i guess in a snese it is, but
that saying good things happen to good people...its not
true. i mean some of the stupidest people on the planet are
much more conent with their lives than i am. i mean they
all got something in life they can love, wheter it be a
boyfirend or a horse, they got it. i, on the other hand,
have neither. Not like i want a horse, but i want a
passion. I mean there are many THINGS (key word) that i
love, like books and such, but nobody. how cool would it be
to just sit their in some guys arms not having to say
anything at all, just knowing that you love each other. yet
there is no guy, no horse, no nothing. how do i get those
things, i do not know. someday, maybe. someday equals never
though, seriously tho, think about it, think of all
the "someday i will's" youve made. how many of them are a
reality. fuck someday, i want now!lol. ugh, im gonna vomit.


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