Death's Shadow

Lasciate Ogni Speranza Voi Chien Trate
2001-11-19 04:12:49 (UTC)

Mute Slave of Life

My weekend sucked. Ordaca do this and Ordaca do that is all
I heard so far and that is the end of my excitint weekend.

Calmness and completness is what I feel now. Tomorrow I go
back to school in the same rut that I will be stuck in for
about three more ears and then I get to go to collage to get
stuck in yet another simailar rut...After you get stuck in
so many you start to notice the minor differences of each
one. To most eyes they are just ruts but to the eyes of a
frequent stuck in the rut kind of person you can tell them
all apart...

At least tomorrow I get to talk to and flirt with, oh
sadness fo it all!, my crush. What is this obsession going
to do with my mind? Some day I will tell him I like him;
yeah, when hell freezes over. I feel so inferior to im when
he is near. I feel so belittled by him in his presience. I
also feel like his mute slave standing near his side
unnoticed. Then why do I like him? Help!

Death's Shadow