My Life
2001-11-19 03:54:21 (UTC)


At the Alpha class tonight we had a healing service. We
talked about how God can touch our life, how he wants all
of us to be healthy, in body and mind. They then said a
prayer and had all of us write down a thought if we had it,
something that maybe the Holy Spirit wants us to pray
about. Then the pastor read all of them and three of them
touched me. Then they had prayer ministers set up around
the room. I am not comfortable with this type of thing, I
am a very private prayer, it's intimate to me, and I'm just
not comfortable but tonight I felt comfortable and needed
to pray with someone about the three things that spoke to
me. I told the couple about my feelings of not being
comfortable praying with people and i told them the three
things and it's amazing how God brought me to them because
she had the same situation as one of the things and he did
too. It was very emotional and I had a good cry and felt
that God touched my life once again. I am very thankful for
Dee and Randy for being there for me and sharing that with
me. I am confident that something tonight changed for me
and that i'll have comfort in my heart and i think a couple
chapters in my life have finally been closed. It is time.