Procrastination is Key
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2001-11-19 03:50:05 (UTC)

almost Thanksgiving!!

I am definitely ready to go home- but I know that I will
have soooo much to do (school work wise) while I am there
and I just hope I can get it done, b/c when we get back here
its gonna be like *BAM* exam time and that is just scary.
And of course I didn't get ahead of my work like I had
planned this weekend- but I think I did better stuff
instead:-p As I have already mentioned I went to the bball
game on friday and although it was sad I had some sort of
fun- and then sat. I helped tell people where they could and
could not park for the football game. Which I didn't go to-
but we kicked Dook's butt so that is fine. Instead I hopped
in the car and drove to Raleigh to hang out with a friend.
That is the type of thing that I have really been waiting to
do. It seems so simple and stupid- but it was kinda like an
So today with the civitan club I went to paint the inside of
a lady's house, and just about had a car accident- but
shhh....don't wanna think about that. Anyway- not sure why
we picked this lady to help b/c she wasn't really frail, has
money enough to redecorate her house and her daughter was
helping too- not that I minded it, just thought we would be
helping other types of people. Both her daughters went to
UNC:-p and one of them works for the Chicago Tribune and
just won a Pulitzer this month! so I thought that was
Ohh- got up last night to see the meteor shower!
unfortunately I couldn't see much of the sky and outside the
dorm there are a lot of lights- but I still saw a few good
ones and went back to bed:-)
Right now I am really tired though and it is quite early-
but I don't know what is going to be able to keep me up b/c
I am just not in the mood to do calculus or anything at the
ONLY a day and a half!