Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-11-19 03:24:34 (UTC)

First date FULL

Ok I SHOULD be getting ready for my mOm's graduation party,
but I really wanted to tell you what happened last night!
hehe I hope I have enough time.

Well He called me about 10 minutes I just gout down blow
drying my hair. He wanted to know if I wouldn't mind going
a bit earlier and I said sure, cause I was all ready just
had to curl my hair.

So he picks me up at about 3:35 or so. We head over to Red
Robin, thats where I had chosen to eat at. We had a nice
personal conversation the whole dinner. I normally HATE to
eat in front of guys, but I was VERY comfortable that it
didn't seem at all odd or out of place with him. I loved it

Then he asked what I had planned next. He had told me the
day before that I should plan the whole date and then he
would the next time. So I decided to me traditional and go
see a movie. We opted to go see "Thirteen Ghost". So I'm
thinking this movie is going to scare the shit out of me...
not so much. It did scare me at surprise parts, but it
wasn't as scary as the made it out to be. You know? Still a
good movie. Well while in the movie I start rubbing his
leg. Slowly I move my hand up and up his thigh. As I'm
pretty much rubbing his balls he puts his hand on my leg
and starts rubbing my thigh. Well he then takes my hand and
moves it to his crock. I then start rubbing a bit more. he
moves his hands up and into my crock area. I'm very turned
on at this point, but I'm not positive what he wants to do,
as in far wise, in the theater. So I get my hint when he
moves my hands to his belt. I start to undo it and he helps
a little, wanting it bad. I then slide my hands into his
boxers and start rubbing his cock. slowly and softly. Then
at certian parts of the movie I would go faster and harder.
He is rubbing hard up against my pussy and I'm loving it!
However, we are both into the movie and so he whispers in
my ear "How about we finish this later?" So we stop. He
doesn't redo his pants till after the movie.

So after the movie I suggest we go to my house. So we hea
dover to my house and he looks at my pictures and we start
listening to soem music and so forth. Well while we had
been driving to the movie theater I had told him that I
wanted to try this sentivtly test on the back of his leg.
So he undoes his pants and lets them fall. I run my finger
up the back of his leg along this certain spot and he is
twiching like mad. (basicly if you twich alot it means you
are very sensitive in sex, but also very good at it) So I
have him move places and give hima back and neck rub. We
talk about what turns on us and so forth. I tell him that
bitting and kisisng my neck is a HUGE turn on for me. His
is personal and I don't want to share it. Well then he lies
beside me. I start running my hands down his chest and into
his pants, which are still undone. I run my hands along the
area just before his dick. He is breathing deep and loving
it, throwing his head back. Then I run my hands to his
cock. Taking it in my hands and rubbing it. His precum is
already oozing for me. I rub it inot his head and tease him
with little bites on his neck. He grabs my left tit and
pinches my iple hard, pulling...I LOVE THAT! hehe So he un
does my shirt to get a better hold. Then his hand slips
down my pants, as I undo them for him. GOD! He is fucking
AMAZING at fingering me! I was moaning like a wild
animal!!!!! I was in heaven! hehe I know he is going nuts
as it is cause he is biting my necka nd grabbing hard on my
tit. Rubbing my clit so hard that I want to scream my lungs
out... I nearly did. So we move places when I cum all over.
He lies back and I start licking his cock. H hadn't
expected it cause he was like, "OH NICE" I deep throated
him a few times going slow and nice with him. Then I pay
CLOSE attention to his head sucking and licking it really
well. Deeping him when he reached a big thrill. I would rub
his balls making hism thurst his hips with me. God he is a
good blow job! mmm yummy. I didn't make him cum cause I
wanted him. THEN AND NOW! He got the idea before I even did
anything. He pulled me back and pulled my pants down. He
starte doff slow, thrusting in deep. Then as the pace
quickened so did his bretahing. I like to press down hard
on his back and grab his ass helping him. Biting his neck
while he would bite mine., GOD HE TURNED ME ON SO BADLY!
Didn't take him long after that to cum.

He told me after that I had him THREE times. I was teasing
him with hea. I would stop at points and he was like "SWEET
GOD!" So I told him next time to tell me when you are
close. He said he would be SURE to do that!!!!! ;)

We then layed down together and just listened to music. He
would hold my hand and sqeeze my hand. It was another huge
turn on for me. He was teaching me new things about my own
body that I didn't know! (I love that he can do that!)

So at 9:30 he had to get going. I walked him to the door
and he gave me this long hard hug. My knees went weak on
me. wow.... all I got to say. Then as he was going he was
like, "I will give you a call about tomorrow(today) and we
whats up at 4" and then a nice sweet deep kiss.

This boy makes my whole body melt and boil over for him...

Well I have my mom's graduation party at 4 so I'm REALLY
hoping he will come. (please!!!)

See ya!