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2001-11-19 03:22:48 (UTC)

Sex stpry...cheer me on

sex story #18 "cheer me on baby!!!"

kate, sara, steph, and tina had just waved good bye to
their parents as the bus pulled out to drive them all off
to cheerleading camp. they had been awaiting this for
months and now they were on a bus with over 20 other girls
and about 5 guys. kate had been watching a group of the
guys and noticed that the tall blond was rather hot
looking. she wouldn't mind hitting on him. sara had also
noticed them. the brown haired guy was her pick of the
lot.steph liked the short black hair cuban. she wasn't too
tall herself, for she was a toss-girl, and she liked guys
her hieght. tina on the other hand wasn't too introested in
the guys. she was bi and the only person on that bus that
had her eye was this tall, leggy blond sitting up front.
tina noticed the tattoo and the little bit of her leggings
falling down. she liked her legs. they were long and
strong. tina liked girls who could hold their own way in
sexual intercourse. tina had her mind set on getting that
girl in bed, be it by drugs, drinks, or just willing. she
wanted that pussy and those legs around her. fuck how she
got it she just wanted it. kate whispered in steph's ear
and they watched tina reach down her shirk to her wet
pussy. they knew she was so into herslef she wouldn't even
noticed it.kate leaned over and whispered little moans in
tinas ear and tina leaned her head back as she let out a
little moan of her own. she was fully into finger fucking
her wet pussy as she thought about that long legged whore.
tina stopped when kate hit her and told her that the
teacher was coming. tina licked her fingers and quited

the teacher asked the girls to grab their things for they
were just about to the camp. kate's stuff was by the blond
guy and kate reached up and brushed (hard) up against the
guy and grabbed her bag. she dropped her other bag and bent
over to grad it and shoved her ass into the guys dick and
she could tell he liked it. she leaned back and preteaded
to have fallen. "sorry, must have slipped. your new
right?", kate said as she got up putting her hand in his
lap and using his dick as a way to get up. he liked it and
smiled back just as wide as he could.
"yeah. i'm matt, this is dan(brown haired) and mike(black
haired)" he said as he got up to introduce his friends.
kate noticed her friends were around her now too. "well i'm
kate and this is steph, tina and sara." as they were about
to talk some more the guys and girls were slipt and sent to
different tents. of course the guys got their own room with
another guy. kate,sara, steph, and tina got a cabin to
themselves for they always did. tina left early to find the
long legged whore she craved so badly (we will get to that
soon), when the guys headed over to the girls cabin. when
kate heard a knock at the cabin door she hadn't expected
matt,dan and mike to be the ones outside. "well hello,
would you like to come in?", kate asked all nice like.
steph and sara came out of the shower laughing and stopped
dead whent hey saw mike and dan. they looked at each other
and said" well isn't this a surprise." kate lead the guys
in and thats when they noticed all three of the girl were
only wearing towels. mike asked with a smile on his face as
he looked steph up and down,"are we interupting
anything?".steph walked up to him and put her hand on his
chest, as she had been dieing to know what it felt like,
and said"no we were just about to go for a swim...would you
like to join us." mike looked her in the eyes and
mummered,"wouldn't i" steph winked at kate and took mike's
hand and lead him outside towards the lake. "well we all
know where steph is going to be. what about you sara? you
going swimming too?", kate asked with a laugh. Sara looked
over at dan and grab his hand and yanked him towards the
shower and slammed the door. soon after you heard another
thud against the door. matt turned toward kate and
whispered,"dan was waiting for that." then stepped back and
said,"well my sweetheart, what are you doing?"katie run her
hand down matt's chest and then walked around him. then
back to his chest. she looked at him stright in the eyes
and leaded in so close to his face that she could feel his
breathing quicken. "wouldn't you like to know." and with
that she walked toward the door and then looked back at him
as if to tell him "follow me". with that kate walked out.
matt stod there for about a minute to slow donw his heart
and then he ran out the door after her. now to get to steph
and mike at the lake. steph and mike had walked ot the lake
hand in hand. when they reached the lake steph let go of
his hand dropped her towel and walked slow and sexy into
the water. she turn around once to see mike's jaw drop.
mike stripped as fast as he could and ran after her. when
he hit the water he couldn't see steph. steph went under
water andpopped up right in front of him. mike just stared
at the water fall off her smooth, perky 36 c breasts. then
steph winked at hima nd slowly went back underwater. that
when mike felt her tongue start to run over his dick which
was stiff as a rod. steph slowly licked up and down his ong
shaft while mike moaned louadly. steph kept licking his
dick till she came up for air. then she ran her hand up his
chest while she ran her other hand up and down his dick.
mike moaned again as steph started to beat him faster and
faster under the water. mike couldn't stand it anymore and
yelled"oh shit i'm ready" when steph heard him say ti she
went back under and shoved his whole prick in her mouth and
sucked him fast while he shot out his load into her eager
mouth. steph sucked up all the cum her mouth could hold.
when she came back up mike was panting a little and steph
wipped a little extra cum off her mouth. mike had never had
anyone do that in water and he was overly excited to have
it done again, when he dived down fasta dn knocked steph
off her feet. steph cryed out but only in shock. the water
level had fallen a bit so it wasn't too deep. so steph
could be on the ground and she would be above water. thats
when mike started to lick up and down her thighs and he
would run his fingers across her lips making her beg for
it."oh mike oh now of please!", steph moaned over and over
again until mike slide his finegrs in her wet pussy. steph
moaned like mad when mike slide his tongue in and started
to flick at her clit over and over again. mike was licking
up her jiuces as they flowed like a river into his mouth.
he sucked harder and harder with her moaning. then mike
pulled out and thrusted his dick in hard and fast. steph
groaned his name,"oh MIKE. yes!!!! ohh" mike started to
kiss and suck on her soft breast with her moans. mike's
pace would slow down and then speed up as to mnake her
orgasims last longer until she just let go."oh mike YES YES
begged. then mike shot his load again and he fell on her
kissing her neck softly. steph turned toward him and
said,"oh that was fun. i liek the force you have... next
time will be even better." mike just couldn't do anythign
but moan and kiss her with his tongue. they lay there all
night long. they did it several more times. steph teaching
mike new levels of joy.....while in water. she had much
more planned. mike knew this would be the best time at camp
he would ever have.

Mean while back in the shower Sara and Dan have been having
thier own fun. When Sara pulled him into the bath room she
undid his pants and started sucking deep ad hard on Dan's
cock. He is surprised but LOVING IT! However, Dan has a
thing with the girl being fast. He like sto be the fast
one. So he pushes her against the door (the thud they all
heard), removes her towel and starts fingering her fasta nd
hard. Sara is screaming LOUD as fuck! She grabbed his arma
nd shoved his whole hands up and into her dripping
screamed Sara. Dan was dieing now. He wanted her, but he
needed to know she wanted his cock just as much as he
needed her pussy. Thats when Sara groaned his name. Dan
lost it. he pushed his pants down and pulled hers down and
grabbed her ass, giving her the clue to wrap her legs
around him. Dan ramme dinto her pussy hard and
long. "OHHHHHHHHH GODD!!!!!!!"groaned Dan. Sara arched back
letting his cock slide in deeper. Dan fucked her faster and
faster. He wa slosing his mind. God i need to cum, was all
he could think about! Dan started thrusting in deeper and
harder. OH YES YES YES was screaming through Sara's head,
which she let out as, """"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" in a deep moan! Shortly after that Sara
groaned! That set Dan off. He started cumming. it was a lot
too. dripping down sara's thigh. Sara leaned against the
door and sighed with pleasure. Dan leaned up against her
and bite her nipple. Just as he did that the door busted
and they both fell foward. They broke out laughing, glad to
know no one was around...


as for Tina and Katie I have to work on those sex
stories... cumming SOON. hehe enjoy these two.


FUCKING ASS! My mom is being cheap and won't pay for me to
get on birth control. Thats shit pisses me off. She expects
me to be CAREFUL and protected but yet she won't pay for
it? How fucked up is that shit?!!??! I hate my parents
sometimes. So now I HAVE HAVE HAVE to find a job. even if
only for a while. I WANT to get on those fucking pills. I
DO NOT WANT A DAMN FUCKING KID. I SO don't need that shit.
I don't even really like kids that much right now in my
life. I hate my neighbor's kids. UGH Little brats! GRRR.
This makes me VERY angry!!!!!!!
The thing that really blows that is the clinics here you
have to pay. Its NOT FREE!


Pissed as shit!