Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-11-19 03:21:50 (UTC)


OMG expensive!!! and what I believe now to be bes
Palnned Parent hood. Wow!!! The Shot caughts $53 and the
sitting fee is $25. Ugh and thats EVER 12 WEEKS! Plus you
can't even get the shot till the first day of your period.


The Pill cost $17 to $27, depending on what brand the
doctor puts me on. And the sitting fee is still $25. Thats
what I'm getting. Just so you know yes my mother knows and
NO I AM NOT pregant. FUCK that! I would like totally die of
fright if I was. UGH *shivers* I SO DO NOT want a kid.
Thats why I asked my mom if she would go with me and let me
get them. She said she would LOVE to. She would rather I be
protected than not at all. Plus she knows I am now, so it
makes her feel a little better that I came to her with it.
Plus I WILL STILL use condoms. Can even be too know!? ;)

Well anyway yeah. I should have my appointment soon. :) I
need it. Specially if anything happens with either Jarod or
Hans. I mean things will have to take a while with Hans for
that to happen, but myabe JUST MAYBE we might get to the
point... who knows?

Thats my additude about it now. I figure if soemthing does
happen with Jarod then yes it happens. If not then it
doesn't and we will always be friends. I want to always be
his friend cause I don't want to just forget who he is and
what we shared. You know what I mean? I guess we will just
be VERY CLOSE freinds. Granted if I get with Hans, I won't
be like all sleeping with Jarod. No. If he says no then
thats the end to that end of anything with us. You know? I
DO NOT CHEAT. I HATE CHEATERS!!! SO MUCH! grrrrrrrrr *makes
an evil face* (lol) ;)

So only two more days till I know :s I'm actually VERY
nervous... don't know what to expect you know? Well yeah. I
will find out soon enough.

Well got to run!

See ya!