just another day
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2001-11-19 03:20:15 (UTC)

how many days are the good ones?

well i decided to start this diary as sortof a record
keeper..of how many good days my b/f and i have..sometimes
it seems as though we have been fighting more and more
lately...i work and go to school so we dont see each other
often ..but today was my off day and we were going to the
movies..when we got into an argument b/c i had placed
something of his in my car and wasnt exactly sure where i
had put it at that moment..instead of looking for it while
i was driving he just got mad and and threw a fit then told
me to take him home..he said something that hurt my
feelings but of course i didnt let him know it i just
popped off with my own sets of words..then when i found it
he was ready to go to the movies again..i think i should
have took him home still..but i dont know..what gets me the
most is when i get mad at him (he never sees why i am mad
it is as if he never does anything but yet i am always the
one in the wrong..)he tries to do little irritating things
that get on my nerves to get me unmad..but really it just
upsets me more..maybe b/c i see it as him trying to avoid
having to deal with the reason i am mad..maybe i am over
reacting then again maybe not..i care about him alot and i
guess only time if either one of us can work past our
points to make this work..okay enough for tonight..