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2001-11-19 03:16:19 (UTC)

Video Games Year 2001, WOW!

Well 2 new systems came out this week. Xbox and Game
Cube, could not decide on which one to buy so I got them
both. The Xbox is the most amazing system ever, I was
kocked over by the movie like graphics. Man, gaming has
come a long way since Atari 2600 which back then I was
dazzled by it until Colecovision came along. The Gamecube
is good its a whole lot better then N64, I only have this
because I enjoy Nintendos games like Mario and Zelda
(which I can't wait to see what they do with this!)Luigi's
Mansion is pretty good just started it today. Oddsworld
for Xbox is also to good to be true. My Dreamcast is about
to be retired here's hoping for their games on the new
systems. Guess what I not board for the next couple of

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