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2001-11-19 03:09:26 (UTC)

Back at school!

It is good to be back at a place where I dont have to cook
someones meals or wash the dishes. I am not glad to be
back with my roommate here but that is only for a day and
then I get to be away from her for 6 whole days!!!!!!!! It
is something I am truly thankful for! She comes in here
giggling and acting all stupid and then her boyfriend made
a really racist comment and then she laughed at it. I felt
really insulted. He said "Stupid nigger shouldn't be
working the desk, go back to the field where you belong."
and then my roommate tells him that he is "so funny," and
laughs at that. How stupid can one person be? I am not a
minority but I was insulted to hear that. I cant believe
that some people still harbor those beliefs. I guess that
some people are still back woods and cant appreciate the
struggle and hard work that they have done to come to this
position that they are in. I just dont like hearing it.

Sigh stupid roommate and her boyfriend strike again.

I cant wait to return to my house. I guess that it isn't
my home anymore because I live there for about two or three
months out of the year now. But I cant wait to see my
little kitty and my friends and my bed and all of that good
junk. Yeah My family too. I dont know I hope that this
will be a better visit then the last time I went home. I
didn't feel welcomed. I felt like an outsider in my own
house. That sucks. I am hopeful though. I cant wait to
see all of my friends that have gone to school. Big lunch
planned. can't wait!

The concert on friday was great! Arlo Gutherie is one cool
old dude. He was so funny when he talked about stuff. He
still did a good job of singing too. My mom said that his
singing wouldn't be that great, but she did say that he
would be fun to listen to and he was! I cant wait to see
him again.

Saturday we went to see aunt minnie. I dont know if she
will get better. The doctors wont even let her get up and
out of bed yet. She talks about going home. I know she
wants to go home but I dont know if she will be able to.
She wants to get out of bed so she can go upstairs she
says. I dont know tho. She said that she doesn't have the
strength to file her nails. How is she gonna get out of
bed? I kind of pray that her suffering on earth will be
over but it is God's will and I pray that it will be done.

The installation for the new Exe. Dir. was pretty cool.
One of my campers was there and she said the prayer. We
didn't stick around long enough to talk to her. We had to
dash out. Erics car died or something so his dad had to
drive us both back to our respective schools. It was cool
that his dad would do that. I know that my parents would
have pissed a bitch about it. His dad was just like no
problem and took us. His dad called me babes it was kinda
weird. Oh well Eric told me he does it to a lot of people
and that he likes me so I should not get creeped out.
Ugh well I guess that is all I have to tell for now. I
will get back after break and write a freakin book I know.

buh bye