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2001-11-19 02:40:36 (UTC)


Some bitch is seriously screwing with me and I don't like
it one bit. Someone keeps sending tons of porn everyday off
of my screen name! Whoever is doing that is stayning my
name. I don't mind stayning my real name, but NO ONE messes
with Amnesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, today I went to school to promote the play and
theatre tech. It was kinda fun, but I've noticed I'm losing
skill for all creative works. Art and Theatre. Which I
hate! I also am pissed off cause I wanna study and get alot
of good grades and actually gain knowledge. Cause knowledge
is power. Well, I can't! I'm just not in the mood to do
scrap. Well, also, I can't get my mind off crushes, and the
play and guys. Damn, this bites.

well I think that that's enough for now, so I'll go now,

-Amnesia Spring