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2001-03-26 22:41:29 (UTC)

Why do some people have..

Why do some people have extremely wonderful things just
fall into their lap, whereas others work work and work for
these things and never get it?????????????????? Do these
people take for granted what they've got and know that
people try try and try to get these things and never
succeed or at least haven't yet? There is something that I
WANT really bad that I have been trying to get for like 4
years and still have not aquired. So, should I just give
up? I feel like such a failure but hate to admit that
because my Mother used to always say that.. and I used to
think that I would never feel that way and she was
unfortunate to feel that way. Here I am though admitting
to the very same thing. :( I feel like there is some kind
of wall preventing me from certain things... and I can't
see it, so I don't know how to tear it down! Anybody
I'm 23 and very worried about my future. I can't seem to
get a job!!! I live in the Atlanta area... the market is
very comp. I'm graduating in the fall. I was thinking that
I would have a job by now that would have opportunities for
advancement. I want stability. I am so ambitious but so
unlucky. Nice combination, huh?
My o' my, what am I going to do.
Have a great day out there and good luck in your own

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