2001-11-19 01:50:02 (UTC)


hmm today was fun. woke up early so i could call work and
ask if i could come in at nine instead of 12. sandy rocks
and she let me. but dammit, she won't let me switch friday,
i'm working 6-10 and i told her i can't get a ride and
whatnot, and she said she would drive me home. so i don't
have a choice now really. and lucky me they are really
short. woo hoo! as for wednsday i'm hoping, but i doubt
i'll get to work at 6 like i want. dammit. booo. i'm gonna
cry now. stayed up pretty late last night, eatin chinese
food watchin braveheart and saturday night live..(oh yeah)
good fun. but i felt liek craaaaap wehn i woke up. well i
didn't actually wake up until about two oclock haha. then
after work went to the phantoms game, it was cool, me loves
hockey (live) and haven't been to a game in forever..made
me wanna ice skate. i'm doing it this weekend. yeah!
um...and seeing harry potter. no matter what. so there.
anywho the game was coo, fights broke out. number 15 was a
wuss, and he was in every fight. hehe, he just got beat up.
but the game was free, something for my moms work, and they
feed us a shit load of food before ! oh yeah. i guess
that's it for now. byes!
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