*blank stare*
2001-11-19 01:43:16 (UTC)

I'm Lonely. Hug Me.

I'm really lonely right now... or maybe just tired. I
think lonely. What might be a factor in that is that i'm
currently alone... Norty, Jake and Frances are in York,
Kat's out doing kitty things, Mike is visiting his older
brother Josh (or was going to, anyway)and they're the only
ones with cars. Oh, and Stevens, but don't ask me where the
hell he is. I'm too lazy to go out and find anyone, cause
I'm tired. I took a small nap earlier while Jake worked on
a D&D character and Norty played video games, then I
couldn't get back to sleep. MMMMMMMMMMMMMOTHERFUCKER.
Yesterday I went to the Fox Run Mall with Jake, who went
up to my bed and fell asleep for 11 or so hours immediately
after our return. Frances and Mike mosied over, and then
Norty decided to hop over from York, ME. Mike passed out
soon after arrival, so Frances, Norty and I watched this
god-awful movie called Rumplestiltskin... it wasn't a good
bad horror movie, woah no. BAD BAD BAD BAD horror movie.
Even worse than the ones we watched the other night,
although they were pretty close to being at if-I-ever-have-
to-see-this-again-I'm-gonna-shoot-myself status.
After that wonderful cinematic treat (Retches), we played
video games on Norty's Dreamcast... I so totally got my ass
kicked. Fucking Tails the Fox, what a wuss. Never using HIM
After finally slipping into some much-needed peaceful
slumber, I was woken shortly thereafter by my loud, scary
alarm clock. I flirt with cardiac arrest every time that
thing goes off, I swear. However it was necessary today
because Frances had an audition for a band full of guys he
doesn't know, and I offered to drive him around.
First we stopped at Jesse the Psychopath's house, where
he, of course, acted like he was going to shoot me with his
paintball gun AGAIN. (Ever been shot in the boobs with one
of those? It's not pleasing) I was happy to get to see my
Angel, ChrisChris, who was over there, though. After
getting Frances' equipment (he's in a band with Jesse, Jake
and Bitch Tits... his stuff was at Jesse's) we went to his
house, where his family wasn't. He called his Mom and found
out they wouldn't be able to drive him to meet up with the
guy he was auditioning for. So I stayed and watched
cartoons for an hour or so over his place, then drove him
to the audition, which he said he did well at. He's
supposed to be getting a call back, and I just know they're
gonna take him. Of course, I knew he'd do good at the
audition, too. I wish he'd believe in himself more, because
he's capable of doing almost anything he wants to. I wish
Mike would as well, but I love them for how they are.
Well this is rambling and boring, so I flee now. Before
I go, though, something kind of frightening, and stupid of
me: I think I'm starting to miss Jon. (As in, my ex). I
think I miss him the way he used to be, not the way he
turned out after our breakup. Either way... I remember the
way he was when we first got together, and I feel like I
want to see him again. I don't know if he would do anything
to hurt me or not, but I do know if I end up seeing him, I
couldn't let Daddy find out. He'd chain me to a piece of
furniture if he did. I don't know about the guys either...
they're gonna not be happy about it when they read this
anyway. Oh well, I don't know what's gonna happen... I'm
awaiting Kissy and Florida, and that's all I need to focus
on right now.

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