Watch Me Fall
2001-11-19 01:30:28 (UTC)

Cars and Calories

Hey kids!!
Today was SUCH a looooong day. I got up and went to church
at 1030 with full intentions of going to the show with Jen
tonight. Unfortunately, I got called into the Leaflet
meeting and had to work on the paper-for 4 and a half
hours. I hate it. It's still only half done and Ive
dedicated over 8 out of school hours to it already.
Funny Story:
Today Nick and I were at Goodwill trying on ugly
sweaters..and there's only two dressing rooms,so we decided
to be stupid and go into the same one. So,were in
there..laughign and carrying on...and I go out to look at
this ugly brown sweater in the mirror. As I come out,a lady
in teh dressing room next to us comes out and gives me the
most evil wickedly angry stare I have EVER received. than
she says, "that is disgusting. Nobody wants to hear or see
those kidns of things. I am a minister,and it is jsut
disgusting to me. Just disgusting." So,i was like "yeah..ok"
and i went back in the dressing room and Nick and I started
yelling obsceneties about religions who use women
ministers..(like baptists) hehe. It was mean,but wow she
was such a bitch!
I hope this week goes by kills me!
I have no plans Wednesday night..if you want me,I'm all
Peace Out.

Song Of The Moment: Konstantine, Something Corporate