AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2001-11-19 01:14:56 (UTC)

PaRty 123

Ok, today I woke up early(around 9ish) and went out to
breakfast with Mom n Dad and then went to Freehold Gardens
Hotel to take a look at and discuss my party arrangements.
The room for under 100 people was ok.....I think I'm gonna
go for the Purple, white and lilac(light purple) balloons,
with white and dark purple tablecloths. The DJ.....I'm
still deciding whether I want it to be with "PartyTyme"
or "Party123-DJ123" Maybe I'll do PartyTyme, since Caitlyn
S. already did the whole Party123 thing, I dont wanna have
a total copy of her party, and my room isnt gonna be as big
and nice as hers....its a bit smaller, but she had 150

So anyways, Erin tells me yesterday online(at night) that
something is going to happen to me, and its a little
problem, but its not bad? Then she said something about how
my life wont be bad if action is sounds like a going to ask me out and she said she cant tell me
anything tho cuz she doesnt wanna mess anything up. so who
i wonder, is going to ask me out. it could be ray. i dont
know. WHO COULD IT BE. but then again it might not be a
guy.......joe? no...i already know about him. ahh im so

I took a grunge test, it says I am too clean, hahaha. So
anyways...hmm what can I talk about. There is this guy in
my geometry, chem., gym, and history class
that....intrigues me. He looks like the guy from RoadTrip
who gets high(the same actor is in My Date With the
presidents the friend of Duncan...and he is
the "manager" from josie and the pussycats....whose sister
is the girl whos hair looks like a skunk). Anyways, I think
he is actually kinda hot in an offbeat way. He dresses in
almost the same looking clothes everyday. A kinda fitting
(not really) tshirt, either grey or black, jeans, and black
boots....he looks like a "Structure" kinda guy. He is
pretty smart...but he seems like the strong silent type. I
am 45% addicted to the internet, haha. And I am 48%
Emo.....they tell me to stop listening to Dashboard

Current im(s):

Glimmer000: umm, james came over and now aaron's parents
are here for wine

Glimmer000: im 25% grunge
AeroBabe201: for wine
AeroBabe201: wine n cheese
AeroBabe201: lol dun ask
Glimmer000: lol
Glimmer000: ok
Glimmer000: im 46% emo lol
AeroBabe201: lol
AeroBabe201: im 48%
AeroBabe201: lol
Glimmer000: hehe
Glimmer000: im 24% raver and 34% goth
Glimmer000: ahh im 24% geek
Glimmer000: im 15% punk
AeroBabe201: im......
AeroBabe201: 45% addicted to the internet
Glimmer000: lol

O0PrincessCute0o: hi
AeroBabe201: hey
AeroBabe201: i bought joes cd
O0PrincessCute0o: lol was it good?
O0PrincessCute0o: is
AeroBabe201: yeah, i will play it for u later
O0PrincessCute0o: ok, does he sing on it?
AeroBabe201: he is the vocalist....
AeroBabe201: lol
AeroBabe201: he sings every song
O0PrincessCute0o: oh yes i remember
O0PrincessCute0o: is he good
AeroBabe201: i liked it
O0PrincessCute0o: thats cool
AeroBabe201: im 48% emo
O0PrincessCute0o: ooh really & the other 52%?
AeroBabe201: i was about to say that
AeroBabe201: i have no idea
O0PrincessCute0o: well atleast u got half of urslef figured

(I am AeroBabe201 on AIM)