My Boring Life
2001-11-19 00:38:09 (UTC)


I'm sooo scared.. My mom scares me. I need to ask her if I
can go over to Chris's on Wednesday, but I'm like scared of
her. So I don't know how I'm going to do this..Should I
email her? Ohhh!! That could do it! lol. I don't know. All
I know is that this is hard cuz it's the first time I've
asked to do anything with a guy. ahhh. So we'll see what
happens. I have to ask tonight, cuz Wednesday isn't that
far away. I think he'll want to know soon Maybe
I can talk myself into it. But how the hell am I gonna do
that? Ugh. This is so hard for me! Eep! Dryer's done, she's
coming out soon, which means I have to ask. Pain, in my
stomach. Not cool. That's how freaking scared I am. And I'm
like shaking. Scary! okay....awww....she said yes! Goodie!
Now I feel okay again! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! Well kinda... But
now it's out there. And I only have to clean before I can
go. Not too bad. I have to clean my room, and dust the
dinning room table and chairs. I can do that. We're having
Thanksgiving, so like, I'd have to clean my room anways. No
big deal. Doesn't bother me at all. So yeah....

Talking to Chris's Sis...She's cool. I'll probably get
along with her, that's good. Heh. Katie's pissing me off. I
don't fricken care about Rusty. He said I was fat, and I
don't like guys that have to go calling girls fat. They
have problems if they do. Most guys that say shit like that
think they're all that. And chances are that if they think
that, they aren't. Soo...yeah. I don't know what else to
say. lol. Omg.. they're letting me pick what I want for
dinner. That's funny. They don't even know me! How goofy is
that! lol Well...I'm gonna shut up now. Bye bye...