Death's Shadow

Lasciate Ogni Speranza Voi Chien Trate
2001-11-18 23:59:52 (UTC)


This is my fist one in THIS dairy. Don't ask me why I have
three. But here it is, a basic summary on something or

*A - Age: 14
*B - Best friend: Penny
*C - Choice of meat: steak
*D - Dream date: Ross
*E - Exciting adventure: I got lost in Puerto
Rico once
*F - Favorite food: mashed potatoes
*G - Greatest accomplishment: surving marching
*H - Happiest day of your life: none
*I - Interests: Demonology, compuer programing
and band
*K - Kool-Aid: hate the stuff
*L - Love: a dispiseable thing
*M - Most valued: my euphonium
*N - Name: Ordaca
*O - Outfit you love: who cares?
*P - Pizza toppings: a lot of cheese
*Q - Question asked to you the most: What's
*R - Radio station: I hate music
*S - Sport: fencing and taekwon do
*T - Television show: Malcom in the middle
*U - Ur favorite song: hate music
*V - Video: Blade and Meet Joe Black
*W - Winter: to cold
*X - Xylophone: shiney...
*Y - Year born: 1986
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn