abby c

wow... that sucks
2001-11-18 23:38:19 (UTC)

stay within your range

the semi was last night... i had so much fun but at the
same time i was so lonely- seeing everyone dancing together
and stuff with em just walkign aroudn lookign for othe rppl
that were alone too

i feel so bad for lonely ppl.. its the worst feelign in the

everyoen looked so spectacular... even me, i was 1000 times
betetr lookign than classnight and everyone

i put hoels in my wall before i went out... i dont knwo why
i was just upset

anywayy, afterwards i went with garrett, rob and pannier
and we slept up at the lake... i wish we woulda stayed up
to see the meteor shower.... panniers little brother saw
it... and my mom and my sisters too

i wish ed was there last night.... damn i miss him

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