Journey of a Skater
2001-03-26 21:35:02 (UTC)

Day 26 - OLLIE TIME!!!! ..

Day 26 - OLLIE TIME!!!!
Despite the inches of snow on the ground, this could be
the happiest day of my life. I got home and realized I had
been skating for almost a month and couldn't ollie. That
was what drove me to learn right there. I took two main
tips into considertion, actually three:1) Do it on carpet
at forst. 2) Wear a helmet so you aren't scared to fall. 3)
Bend a lot at the knees. I tried and tried and eventually,
I did it! To celebrate I cranked up some mp3's and started
dancing like the idiot I know I am! And hurt my back I
danced so hard, LOL! Oh well, that's the big story.