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A Place For My Head
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2001-11-18 22:53:25 (UTC)


Hey there...
today i'm really down... coz i had this amazing friend at
school, but ever since she started being friends with one
of the most popular girls in school, she wont talk to me
anymore... and it really hurts me... gosh... i just cant
win with anyone...
i havent had a good week... at all, though yesterday i went
to a concert... La Oreja De Van Gogh, it was really cool! i
had the best time, and i got the band's t-shirt, i'm
wearing it now! i love their songs...
i want to like someone... it's really depressing, when i
like someone, i suffer and everything... but now that i
dont like anyone i want to like someone...
i'm listening to La Playa by La Oreja de Van Gogh... i like
it a lot... it's really nice... like slow and everything!
so far i know several things about my future:
1. i will never have someone to like me or love me
2. i will never get married
3, i will die young and from cancer
4. i will never reach my pathetic goals
5. i will never have someone to share my life with...
nice huh?
g2g... i'm too sad

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