my mind is overflowing with crap!
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2001-11-18 21:35:29 (UTC)

boring sunday :)

today at church went better..Erik sat with me, so i was
entertained. We wrote notes back and forth fun stuff. Then
i went out for lunch with my parents and had a salad.
Crappiest salad ever only lettus and carrots....what is up
with that?
Now i'm rewriting my notes and sitting on my ass...yeah fun!
Later i might be driving my brother to hockey practice or
i'll just be chillin around the house.

Last night i went to see shallow Hal! good movie. it is
definently a boyfriend movie..For sure! Your self
confidence gets boosted up from just watching it.any way
after it was so foggy i had to drive everyone home like
riding the bradke with my four ways on! It was crazy i
hate the dangerous!
Can't wait for school tomorrow..ha ha ha that's a good
one..Actually i'm getting excited for tuesday i really want
to go see this college. A little nervous , but excited.
later *~sarah~*
oh yeah so i told erik who i've had a crush on the past few
years...and if he tells him i'll just die. He can't
know...especially since he has a long time gf. goodness