Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-11-18 20:58:39 (UTC)

My Weekend Has Sucked

Last night there was, what my dad called, a once-in-a-
lifetime event. It was a meteor shower that only comes
around every half a century or so. My boyfriend and his
friend wanted to take my friend and myself to someplace
special that my boyfriend's uncle used to take him. My dad
said no. Actually, he said that the four of us, my brother
and my dad could all sit and watch in my backyard, or we
could all go to the "special spot." My boyfriend and his
friend and I ended up going somewhere around the block. It
was too foggy to see anyway. This afternoon my ex, who is
a very good friend of mine still, asked if my friend and I
wanted to go to the mall and hang out with him. I really
wanted to go do something since my dad wouldn't let me go
anywhere last night. I went downstairs and I asked my
mom. She doesn't like this boy because he used to hang out
with someone my mom hated. When she heard his name, she
crossed her arms and I knew that just by hearing his name,
she had made up her mind. My friend and I couldn't go. My
friend's dad said that she could go. My dad didn't want me
to go either just because a few months after the boy and I
broke up, he called me something rude. My parents once
again decided that I could do something only if one of them
was with myself and my friend. She and I don't want to do
things with my parents. Neither of us has gotten to do
anything at all lately. Her boyfriend is in town, and she
can't see him until tomorrow because he's at his mom's
house. So she's online upstairs, and I'm down here, and
we're IMing eachother. I totally hate how restricting and
overprotective my parents are. My parents know that my ex
wouldn't do anything. They just don't want me to have a
good time this weekend because I'm failing one class,
getting a 'D' in one class, and a 'C' in another, and all
of the rest are 'A's. They just want to teach me a lesson
in responsibility which I've already learned from my
science teacher. Now I just wish I weren't alive, and my
friend would probably get weirded out if I did a spell or a
ritual or even meditated to ground myself and make myself
happier, well, less upset. I just don't see the point of
my parents being such assholes.